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Lessons in all genres of dance

Here at Flair Dance Studio, we teach different genres of dance to children of all ages in several locations in the Oxfordshire area. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

Freestyle dance classes

Freestyle dance, more commonly known as disco, takes its roots from the likes of ‘Flashdance’, ‘Fame’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’. It is a modern dance style incorporating many different dance and gymnastic influences and is very popular with young dancers. It has developed over the years into a well respected form of dance. Recently seen on BBC1’s ‘The Greatest Dancer’ and Britains Got Talent’.

Take a look at our timetable for more details on our freestyle dance classes.

Lyrical dance classes

Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques it is characterised by fluidity and grace with the dancer flowing from one move to another. For more details on our lyrical dance classes, speak to a member of our experienced team.

Contemporary dance classes

Contemporary dance incorporates varying styles such as jazz, classical and modern. This dance style promotes freedom of movement, expression and creativity. To find out more details about our contemporary dance lessons, contact us today.

Commercial dance classes

Commercial dance otherwise known as street jazz was made popular by LA choreographers. It is a more urban style of dance featuring the raw energy of young people in the twenty-first century. Definitely a firm favourite of our dancers as they can relate to modern pop music and have seen it in most contemporary music videos.

Gymnastics and Acro

Our Gymnastics classes are specifically designed for dancers. Strengthening, conditioning and stretching the bodies in a safe environment. Acrobatics and “tricks” are also taught correctly by our qualified gym coach. Not only is this class great for the body but for confidence too!

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For contemporary, lyrical, commercial and freestyle dance lessons in Oxford, contact Kelly-Jayne on 07798 842 123.
For dance lessons in Witney call Jo on 07917 677 912.